1. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    So then I win!!
    Shanerredflag likes this.
    10-14-13 10:12 PM
  2. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    Not so fast. I win!!
    anon721037 likes this.
    10-14-13 10:29 PM
  3. anon721037's Avatar
    God that cat is still here. Ftw

    Posted from Q10 on CB10 / running 1791
    10-14-13 10:42 PM
  4. Anilu7's Avatar
    *holds nose* That Q owner is still here. Zed FTW!
    10-14-13 11:06 PM
  5. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    Yes me cat can't decide to go out or come back in...It will be awhile before I make a decision.....don't wait up. I win!!
    10-14-13 11:08 PM
  6. Anilu7's Avatar
    Not waiting. I win again.
    10-14-13 11:12 PM
  7. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    Can't wait? Can't win!!
    10-14-13 11:13 PM
  8. geoffsdad's Avatar

    Posted via CB10(BBM#22) on my Z10 featuring BBM Channel C0002FE04
    10-14-13 11:32 PM
  9. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    dow of opportunity. I win!!
    10-14-13 11:34 PM
  10. anon721037's Avatar
    Win win win win win win win win

    Posted from Q10 on CB10 / running 1791
    10-14-13 11:50 PM
  11. todbanner's Avatar
    win in the evening time

    tapped using Android Runtime CBForums from my PlayBook
    10-14-13 11:52 PM
  12. bambinoitaliano's Avatar
    Win in the morning!!
    10-14-13 11:53 PM
  13. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Nothing like coming from behind to win. Boom!

    Sent from my iPad using CB Forums mobile app
    10-15-13 12:23 AM
  14. jafobabe's Avatar
    Busted!!! I win

    White Q10 on AT&T (BBM #5)
    10-15-13 01:15 AM
  15. buccaneer54's Avatar
    Ok after a billion I can't count but I win again

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-13 01:57 AM
  16. todbanner's Avatar
    I'm going to take that win for a while.

    tapped using Android Runtime CBForums from my PlayBook
    10-15-13 02:00 AM
  17. jafobabe's Avatar
    Nite Gracie!

    White Q10 on AT&T (BBM #5)
    10-15-13 02:18 AM
  18. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Morning world....

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-13 05:08 AM
  19. moody's Avatar
    Know what I realized yesterday? I was talking to someone I Australia and there it was already today. That meant I was speaking to someone in the future and they were speaking to someone in the past!

    And I thought this up all on my own!
    Anilu7 likes this.
    10-15-13 07:10 AM
  20. rohetaku's Avatar
    Where is ALICIA!?

    Sent from my BlackBerry - remember me!
    10-15-13 07:15 AM
  21. jaydee5799's Avatar
    She left for an S4.I win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10-15-13 07:20 AM
  22. 3hb78ftg's Avatar
    My dog lost about 2 pounds with everything he's dropped today and now that I have your attention...

    I WIN.

    BlackBerry Z...my weapon of choice.
    moody likes this.
    10-15-13 07:41 AM
  23. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing. I win.

    Posted via Z's Z10
    10-15-13 08:01 AM
  24. jaydee5799's Avatar
    eating a blueberry scone. I win!
    10-15-13 08:09 AM
  25. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Beary interesting.

    Posted via CB10
    10-15-13 08:31 AM
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