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    Now where is my prize?!:-/

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    04-04-14 11:54 PM
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    4 April 2014

    "Microsoft came up with a fix, even acknowledged Kristoffer on its website as a security researcher"

    Michael Chen for KGTV, ABC News

    Xbox roots out 'bad' online players
    The games pushing consoles' limits Watch
    Titanfall launch is hit by problems
    A five-year-old boy who worked out a security vulnerability on Microsoft's Xbox Live service has been officially thanked by the company.

    Kristoffer Von Hassel, from San Diego, figured out how to log in to his dad's account without the right password.

    Microsoft has fixed the flaw, and added Kristoffer to its list of recognised security researchers.

    In an interview with local news station KGTV, Kristoffer said: "I was like yea!"

    The boy worked out that entering the wrong password into the log-in screen would bring up a second password verification screen.

    Kristoffer discovered that if he simply pressed the space bar to fill up the password field, the system would let him in to his dad's account.

    "I got nervous. I thought he was going to find out," Kristoffer told television station, KGTV.

    "I thought someone was going to steal the Xbox."

    Free games
    Dad Robert - who works in security - sent details of the flaw to Microsoft.

    In a statement, the company said: "We're always listening to our customers and thank them for bringing issues to our attention.

    "We take security seriously at Xbox and fixed the issue as soon as we learned about it."

    Kristoffer's name now appears on a page set up to thank people who have discovered problems with Microsoft products.

    The company also gave him four free games, $50 (30), and a year-long subscription to Xbox Live.

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    04-04-14 11:55 PM
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    I still win!!

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    04-04-14 11:57 PM
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    Oops. I win.

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    04-04-14 11:57 PM
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    Now where is my prize? :-/

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    04-04-14 11:57 PM
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    Mope, it's for me.

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    04-05-14 12:00 AM
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    i wuv bb.

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    04-05-14 12:01 AM
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    The BlackBerry is a line of wireless handheld devices and services designed and marketed by BlackBerry Limited, formerly known as Research In Motion Limited (RIM).[2] The first BlackBerry device, an email pager, was released in 1999.[3] The most recent BlackBerry devices are the Z30, Z10, Q10 and Q5. The Z10 and Q10 were announced on January 30, 2013, and the Q5 was announced on May 14, 2013. The user interface varies by model; most had featured a physical QWERTY keyboard, while newer generations have relied on a multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard.

    BlackBerry devices can shoot video, take photos and play music; these devices also provide essentials such as web-browsing, email messaging, instant messaging, and the proprietary BlackBerry Messenger.

    BlackBerry accounts for 3% of mobile device sales worldwide in 2011, making its manufacturer the sixth most popular device maker (25% of mobile device sales are smartphones).[4] The consumer BlackBerry Internet Service is available in 91 countries worldwide on over 500 mobile service operators using various mobile technologies.[5] As of September 2012, there were eighty million subscribers worldwide to BlackBerry.[6][7] In 2011 the Caribbean and Latin America had the highest penetrations of BlackBerry smartphones worldwide, with up to about 45 percent in the region having a BlackBerry device.[8] BlackBerry was widely referred to as "CrackBerry" in the United States, which alluded to its excessive use by its owners and is a reference to the addictiveness of crack cocaine. Use of the term "CrackBerry" became so widespread that in November 2006 Webster's New World College Dictionary named "crackberry" the "New Word of the Year."[9]

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    04-05-14 12:03 AM
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    I win again :-)

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    04-05-14 12:03 AM
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    Now where Is my prize:-)

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    04-05-14 12:04 AM
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    Nope.... the prize is mine.

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    04-05-14 12:04 AM
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    Ding dong you're wrong :=)

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    04-05-14 12:06 AM
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    Now where IS MY prize:-/

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    04-05-14 12:06 AM
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    Please note that Z30 may refer to:

    BlackBerry Z30, a smartphone
    Casio Exilim Z30, a digital camera
    German destroyer Z30
    Toyota Soarer Z30, an automobile
    Z30 small nucleolar RNA

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    04-05-14 12:07 AM
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    And so I win.

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    04-05-14 12:07 AM
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    Wrong agsin!

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    04-05-14 12:07 AM
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    A smartphone, or smart phone, is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones.[1][2][3]

    Early smartphones typically combined the features of a mobile phone with those of another popular consumer device, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA), a media player, a digital camera, or a GPS navigation unit. Modern smartphones include all of those features plus the features of a touchscreen computer, including web browsing, Wi-Fi, and 3rd-party apps.

    Currently, about 90% of handset sales worldwide are for devices powered by Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile operating systems.[4]

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    Where the heck is my prize??:/

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    04-05-14 12:08 AM
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    The BlackBerry Z30 is a high-end 4G touchscreen smartphone developed by BlackBerry. Announced on September 18, 2013, it succeeds the Z10 as the second totally-touchscreen device to run the BlackBerry 10 operating system (and the first with version 10.2). The Z30 includes a 5-inch 720p Super AMOLED display with "quad-core graphics", speakers and microphones with "Natural Sound" technology, six processor cores (GPU is a Quad-Core Adreno 320, CPU is a dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, both 1.7GHz) and a non-removable 2880 mAh battery.[1] The BlackBerry Z30 also uses Paratek Antenna Technology. This refers to the number of proprietary advancements in antenna hardware and tuning technology that is aimed to improve performance especially in regions with low signal.

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    The BlackBerry Z30 was first announced on September 18 in Indonesia.[6]

    In Canada, Z30 became available on October 18 on Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility, Rogers Wireless (Online Only), SaskTel and MTS mobility

    In US, first available on November 14 on Verizon Wireless[7]

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    04-05-14 12:11 AM
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    04-05-14 12:13 AM
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    Where is my prize) :-/

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