1. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Damn the luck. You are banned

    Posted via Z's Z10
    08-12-13 07:33 PM
  2. shaleem's Avatar
    Luck? Luck has nothing to do with it ......you're banned
    08-12-13 07:47 PM
  3. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    No luck for you. Banned.

    Posted via Z's Z10
    08-12-13 07:56 PM
  4. tukman's Avatar
    luck is a fickle thing.....Banned!
    08-12-13 08:09 PM
  5. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Fickle dickle....banned for using the F word.

    Posted via CB10
    08-12-13 08:16 PM
  6. shaleem's Avatar
    Banned for not using the f word. lol

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    08-12-13 08:33 PM
  7. nappp's Avatar
    you're right! F word banned!

    Sent from an ATM
    No trees were harmed during the making of this message
    08-12-13 08:49 PM
  8. Pete The Penguin's Avatar
    Banned for being right.
    08-12-13 08:50 PM
  9. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Haha...you are correct, and banned.

    Posted via CB10
    08-12-13 08:54 PM
  10. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    What is this F word you speak of? Banned
    08-12-13 09:21 PM
  11. sleepngbear's Avatar
    Banned because I haven't had a chance to ban the Hammie in awhile.
    08-12-13 09:54 PM
  12. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Bear!!!!! Banned for being gone so long.
    08-12-13 09:57 PM
  13. shaleem's Avatar
    Banning the Hamster is so much fun!
    08-12-13 10:18 PM
  14. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    Banning you is even more fun!!

    Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10
    08-12-13 10:29 PM
  15. CarGuy1368's Avatar
    Well, actually banning JayDee is more fun. But whateverrrr. Lol.

    Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10
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    08-12-13 10:29 PM
  16. shaleem's Avatar
    Not as much fun as banning the kid

    Posted with my fabulous Z10
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    08-12-13 10:44 PM
  17. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    Banning Shaleem, banning Shaleem
    08-12-13 10:45 PM
  18. shaleem's Avatar
    ROTFL you are easily amused eh? Banning the Hamster

    Posted with my fabulous Z10
    08-12-13 10:48 PM
  19. MasterOfBinary's Avatar
    Banned for making me feel left out.

    There, I'm better.
    08-12-13 11:34 PM
  20. middbrew's Avatar
    Banned because you were left out for a reason.
    08-12-13 11:41 PM
  21. BBrickk's Avatar
    Banned for discriminating left-handed people such as myself. BANNED!!

    Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.
    08-13-13 12:23 AM
  22. Pete The Penguin's Avatar
    Banned for assuming we were discriminating against southpaw's
    08-13-13 03:22 AM
  23. Shanerredflag's Avatar
    Righty's have rites too....banned.

    Posted via CB10
    08-13-13 07:55 AM
  24. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Banned for thinking you have rights. We are not in a democratic forum. Lol

    Posted with JayDee's white Z10
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    08-13-13 08:00 AM
  25. Pete The Penguin's Avatar
    Banned for bringing in politics.
    08-13-13 08:16 AM
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