1. senka81's Avatar
    Please someone help! I have looked online everywhere and feel like I've tried everything I can find.... I upgraded my BB 9790 to OS 7.1 specifically for the mobile hotspot and am really bummed I can't get it to work with my iPad Mini. The iPad is able to detect the hotspot and I am actually able to connect to it but when I try to use the browser or anything on my iPad, it doesn't work. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
    01-31-13 12:45 AM
  2. twstd.reality's Avatar
    call fido to have tethering enabled
    01-31-13 03:05 AM
  3. senka81's Avatar
    It is enabled
    01-31-13 12:38 PM
  4. senka81's Avatar
    Ok so they finally decided to just reset my network... I did a BB battery pull and a soft reset on the iPad and that seems to have done the trick
    01-31-13 12:54 PM
  5. twstd.reality's Avatar
    glad that worked. I find that with fido, even though a service says its there, it's not until you call and complain. had to do that just recently for my voicemail. it was in my plan description, but wasn't functional.
    01-31-13 04:41 PM

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