10-02-18 03:39 PM
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  1. Azer27's Avatar

    I was curious if someone could help me out a bit.

    I was attempting to get BlackBerry Messenger Enterprise for my BlackBerry 10 device. I understand it's roughly 2.5 per month per license on the information I have here, and a bit extra for video/call.

    I attempted to reach out to BlackBerry. Of which one person told me he had no clue about legacy devices, that he only handled the Enterprise side of things - Asked if I thought about upgrading my phone...But definitely knew how to help me out and would send me the contact information to the people I needed to talk to via E-Mail.

    Which was a link to the BlackBerry Mobile website. Hilarious in retrospect - I mean, I don't exactly fault the guy. I'm asking for a legacy product for a EOL system that is on bare bones life support. Would of sort of been nice if he would of been honest or hit disconnect, but in retrospect, I actually enjoyed his answer.

    In the meantime, would any of you folks here by chance know any good points of contact? I E-Mailed the two people I saw on this forum and I have gotten no response.
    I used BBM Enterprise on my BlackBerry 10 device and BlackBerry Priv also some months ago. When I asked for BBM enterprise they didn't ask me about device. And I searched many times but I couldn't find android priority on BB10. It worked well in each phone.
    09-30-18 12:17 AM
  2. NearlyVv's Avatar
    Eh, I finally got in touch with someone. Ten license minimum, $300 a year total. Not including voice which would be $79.99 or $800 a year annually.
    10-02-18 03:39 PM
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