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    The VPNs I am evaluating currently (Nord and PIA) are slightly more expensive than a dollar a year and more comparable to the $7.5 a month BBM protected is going to cost me. So I can assume that they would be spending some part of that money towards making their infrastructure robust.

    The point you raise about merely the end-points being secured and VPNs providing limited security in terms of active/passive surveillance is a different matter altogether (hence my original question - which you have addressed). Of course, end-to-end encrypted chat products would be much more secured (even against active surveillance to an extent) but I was merely wondering if state dragnets could be avoided at all using a 'good-quality' VPN service?
    Well obviously I don't know what the states you are concerned about can, or would do with your communications. But when you use a VPN service, even a very good one, it just moves your normal traffic from where you are to wherever the VPN server is. Maybe that is enough, maybe not. Maybe just using a VPN is enough to get you into trouble.

    03-14-17 04:17 PM
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