09-27-19 07:50 PM
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  1. niceup's Avatar
    We currently have a strong nucleus of about 25 members that have been with the group for over a year.
    If you are a NBA fanatic and knowledgeable about the sport you are welcome to join.

    We are fun, passionate and knowledgeable group and we talk about other sports talk (NFL, Soccer, etc) in the off season.We have a diverse group of members who support various teams in the NBA.

    We are looking for only 10 new members at this time so this is not a free for all and not an open invitation.
    Interested parties post your pin, the team you support and for how long you been supporting them and I will send you an invite.

    If you don't receive an invite it means that the group is closed as the group has been advertised on other channels.
    10-29-14 04:14 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    Nice. Thanks for opening up your group to some new people.
    10-29-14 04:18 PM
  3. Lawrence Mitchual's Avatar
    Add me pin:24D1D438

    Posted via CB10
    10-29-14 05:57 PM
  4. Maal628's Avatar
    33489410 Chicago Bulls 15 years

    10-31-14 06:07 PM
  5. Umass021's Avatar
    11-20-14 06:54 AM
  6. realhorror's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    11-21-14 08:35 AM
  7. AgentR007's Avatar
    Add me Lakers fan 2B15668D

    Posted via CB10
    12-03-14 02:13 AM
  8. arpanpurohit's Avatar
    Pin 2B9C79F3

    This is Arpan please add me in your group

    Posted via CB10
    12-09-14 06:00 AM
  9. csww's Avatar
    add me 2BDAF123

    Posted via CB10
    12-11-14 08:36 AM
  10. targnik's Avatar
    Add me ^^


    I'm up for some b.ball debate...


    12-17-14 02:42 PM
  11. plokmz's Avatar
    Plz add,2B0AB333

    Posted via CB10
    12-18-14 05:06 PM
  12. redhawk24's Avatar

    Cleveland Cavaliers- 17 years
    12-20-14 12:11 PM
  13. Jack Chan1's Avatar
    Diehard fan of Spurs! Plz add, 2B0AB333

    Posted via CB10
    12-20-14 10:10 PM
  14. amaneric's Avatar
    please add me~ pin:2BE06BCA
    12-28-14 05:07 AM
  15. Michelasmar's Avatar
    Please add me : 2BFA7268
    Laker fan!
    Posted via CB10
    01-11-15 09:37 PM
  16. vikramsampark's Avatar
    Pls add me - 335B5AEE
    01-13-15 05:52 AM
  17. AbAll87's Avatar
    pin:2AB3BC6F I'm always down for NBA

    01-13-15 05:57 AM
  18. xrays47's Avatar
    Add me please 523C61F7
    01-15-15 10:42 PM
  19. Georgi Stefanov's Avatar
    Add me 52C233E5

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    01-17-15 05:45 AM
  20. JamBueree's Avatar
    Is this still open?
    02-19-15 06:27 PM
  21. niceup's Avatar
    Is this still open?

    Posted via CB10
    02-19-15 07:44 PM
  22. JamBueree's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    Nice. 7AA0A56F
    02-19-15 07:45 PM
  23. Franc Brugueras's Avatar
    Russell westbrook-

    pin: 2bfb80cd
    02-20-15 04:12 AM
  24. suittsville's Avatar
    2C04CD61 go jazz!

    Posted via CB10
    02-22-15 03:32 PM
  25. xrays47's Avatar
    Add me please 2AF7F411. Go Memphis!
    02-23-15 08:01 PM
66 123

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