04-15-19 10:13 PM
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    Hay my Channels are
    World Travel C01125067 and
    Trivia C00449216.
    Let's Join
    10-23-18 01:20 AM
  2. Truthfulliar's Avatar
    10-23-18 07:37 AM
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    "Trivia® C00449216 A BBM Channel for Hungry Minds"

    No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. Great mind discuss Ideas, Average mind discuss Events & small mind discuss People's.

    So let's discuss Trivia® C00449216

    Mind Blowing Facts C00449216
    True/Random Facts C00449216
    Riddles C00449216 C00449216
    Puzzles C00449216 C00449216
    Brain Teasers C00449216

    Trivia® a Place for Hungry Minds C00449216

    Join Now: Trivia® C00449216
    10-28-18 04:20 AM
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    *deleted* accidentally double posted. sorry.
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    03-24-19 12:31 PM
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    This is our story! A husband and wife from Canada and China, living abroad, travelling and learning together.

    I am Canadian who lived in China for 10 years as "foreigner" teaching English and now that we have move to Canada, my wife from China is now the "foreigner" thus, the name of the channel being " .two foreigners. " We talk about our story of immigration and life in China and Canada. We like to post about food, travel, adventures and life as a culturally mixed couple. we also share youtube videos via our bbm channel of our journeys. We would love to have you come say hello. Cheers!
    03-24-19 12:40 PM
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    Just a guy sharing what he enjoys!

    04-15-19 10:13 PM
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