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    I require the following application wot be developed for me.

    We require the following simple Blackberry application to be developed for us.
    The Blackberry application should be compatible with Blackberry OS 5 and upwards
    On First run of the application there should be 2 options: REGISTER or LOGIN
    When REGISTER is selected it should take the user to a simple Registration form with 7 fields:
    FIELD 1: Username
    FIELD 2: Password
    FIELD 3: Full name
    FIELD 4: Street Address
    FIELD 5: City
    FIELD 6: Country
    FIELD 7: Telephone
    When LOGIN is selected it should take the user to a login page with 2 fields
    FIELD 1: Username
    FIELD 2: Password
    Whenever the Application opens thereafter (after registration or login), 2 buttons should be displayed
    Button 1: SELL
    Button 2: BUY
    When the SELL button is selected it should open the Blackberry Camera, after photo is taken it should take the user through the following steps
    Step 1: Enter Item details,
    ( Example: Samsung Speaker Set.)
    Step 2: Enter Item Condition:
    ( Example: Brand new.)
    Step 3: Enter item Price
    ( Example: $200)
    Click Finish.
    This should automatically take the heading, convert it to lowercase. Add an Underscore for all spaces and add a five-number suffix retrieved from the counter file. The new number will be saved as an increment of the last retrieved number so that the counter file will always give a unique number. Eg: the counter file is standing at 10500
    When you click Finish, this file is accessed and the number 10500 retrieved and suffixed onto speaker_set_samsung. It will now become speaker_set_samsung10500. And the counter file will be updated to: 10501

    This will upload automatically to users space and create the folder as:
    Inside this folder, the images will reside.
    Item Speaker Set Samsung, Brand new.
    Price R200
    datein 1-1-2013
    username harry
    email harry@gmail.com
    tel 082562442
    city Cape Town
    itemref speaker_set_samsung10500
    itemurl /harry/speaker_set_samsung10500

    When the BUY button is selected it should take the user to a search box
    Example: User searches for: Speakers
    All items which were added by users should be listed
    When found item item is Clicked on, the the full description with photo should appear
    Users must be able to edit and delete their respective items.

    Please reply or PM with your price
    01-06-13 08:42 AM
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    If you are genuinely interested,

    My company makes a large volume of applications for mobile devices.

    Please feel free to reach out to me. Our rates are flexible depending on your needs. I'd want to ask you some more questions though around the scope of it . In this case I'd recommend at least two developers - one working on BB5/6/7 and one working on PB/QNX/Android (if required). Also, rereading your app - you need a shared database (ASP.NET / PHP) plus a redundancy (secondary server not on same network + from different company in case of server failure). Which increases the development effort.

    Our standard rates are higher, but if you are willing to do more hands-on you can get a deal from small devs on guru.com sometimes too. This is the type of app we specialize in though.


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    01-14-13 01:27 AM

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