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    I'm thinking if I should continue making my app for BlackBerry and not just port the android version.

    Both versions work good, and I wonder if I should continue or not.

    The app I'm building is an app like instagram but you can upload full size photos and not just square.

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    08-18-13 08:34 PM
  2. awalizad's Avatar
    I would do a BB10 version. No matter what anyone says, there is no real parity between a native vs. a port.

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    08-18-13 08:36 PM
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    08-18-13 09:03 PM
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    In all honesty, it's really your call. My only advice would be not to spend too much time if you're expecting the revenue to cover the time investment. If I were in your position 6 months ago, I wouldn't have thought twice about making a native app. Now, I would almost certainly just polish and port the Android app.

    I develop for Blackberry mostly because it's free, and they gave me a free device to test on, so it's only right to give something in return. I do it as a hobby, and will stop when it no longer interests me. I've already made the decision that any future apps I release on BB10 (unless there is a huge market share turn-around) will be free, and if they warrant it, open source. That way I'm under no obligation to improve an app, or provide more than basic support. I also get more value from the goodwill of users and other developers than I do from the relatively small monetary gain from paid apps.
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    08-18-13 09:10 PM

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