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    Ok, my life sucks, trying to make it not suck. I'm 30 years old and have been pi$$ed on by the world long enough and am looking to change my life. I wanna give my daughter the life she deserves and am tired of busing my a** everyday. I'm looking into an education in IT , software engineering and development. I'm so addicted to my BB that it has given me the insight to see where my life needs to go. I have a few questions regarding this tho....... from what I can tell this is a very lucrative field to be in. Verification? Also am I heading in the right direction if I wanna work with BB programs and fields? Basically I just need some insight from the developers on this site and could use some guidance and knowledge from the guys who do this on a daily basis. Do u get to see your kids? Do you have the lifestyle that most people desire? Seriously I'm just tired of working my muscles and am ready to put my brain to work. This is a serious inquiry and appreciate all replies. thank you
    02-24-09 02:31 PM
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    tried that. last week u told me that u would get back with me. since that i deleted ur contact. remember i had developer questions? plan on going back for the bs but have to find my niche first. not against hard work but im tired of doing it with my muscles instead of my brain
    02-27-09 03:40 PM
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    douchebagery - thats a good word. i had to google it
    02-27-09 06:23 PM