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    Hello All!

    Wanted to introduce you to something you might dig...

    We just launched the Financial Capability Development Competition (aka, FinCapDev). It's a mobile app development competition focused on building apps that will improve financial capability and access for working Americans. It's open to all US citizens and permanent residents, and we think the dev communities might be super interested in it. The proposal application period is currently open through December 10.

    For finalists that make it, we're putting up $100K in startup cash stipends; access to resource orgs including Facebook, Citi, MasterCard, Yodlee, and more; the opportunity to present an MVP to a panel of financial and tech industry experts at a financial services event in June 2013; $100K in prize money ($50K Grand Prize); and much more.

    Check us out at fincapdev dot com. Email questions to info at fincapdev dot com (a general mailbox that actually gets monitored!). Follow us on Twitter or 'Like' us on Facebook (fincapdev).

    The FinCapDev Team
    11-08-12 10:23 AM
  2. menaknow's Avatar
    Congratulations on the idea.

    However I think your initiative is better suited to be put on ChallengePost.
    11-08-12 10:51 AM

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