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    Starting a new development firm with an emphasis on Blackberry Development.

    RIM Development is the next wave, and the market is open compared to that of the saturated iPhone.

    Because RIM Development is such a niche industry, we seek to put together a strong team of RIM Developers, ideally with cross platform programming experience *iPhone, Android, HTC, etc.* (however, not mandatory) and are currently interviewing for Domestic and European positions.

    Hours are flexible - work at your schedule and according to timeline of deliverables. Basically - its not for us to say, when or how you work and do your thing, we work based on a time line - as long as you get it done by the time and date its due - everything else is up to you.

    We will work to have all basic coding handed - so you can focus on the more important tasks of compiling, testin and making sure the code is pure, clean and works flawlessly.

    Any interest please do drop me an email - Teddebay @ gmail.com


    07-11-10 01:16 PM
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    We also do need iPhone and more importantly **iPad** Developers - with experience, again ideally we'd like cross platform experience with RIM Development as well - however it is not mandatory.

    We would like to be a team compiled in majority of RIM Developers, however, we are not against hiring one or two *iPad* / iPhone Developers.
    07-11-10 01:19 PM