1. beryfan's Avatar
    I absolutely disliked the enormous size of the bezels (I hope I've spelled it correctly) on my PB simply because it reduces the screen size which is a big thing as bigger is just better. And yes I do understand that a good sized bezel is important for smooth navigation but recently this idea clicked in my mind which I think is totally do-able and quite innovative so this is how it goes

    Adjustable bezels (for a better understanding of the notion we'll consider the device this idea is being tested upon is PB)

    They should become 'active' or let's say appear on the screen upon touching the area close to the borders of the device, the PB. And in the meantime when they aren't active and are not in use they should just hide themselves and diappear in the corners of the device leaving the screen expanded to the full stretch of the device enhansing and maximizing screen experience and output.
    A good example of this can be seen on your computers if you are using windows os, on the home screen which is the main desktop screen there is a bar at the bottom of the page which I guess is known as the start menu bar. In its customization settings we were able to hide the bar and whenever the cursor went into the feild where the bar was supposed to be but wasn't because you hid it the bar popped up but otherwise we just saw the screen expand to the full lenght of the monitor screen.

    This is exactly what I'm proposing

    PS I dropped this post in the developers category so that any developer can convey this idea to BB and also make use of it in apps

    Do let me know about how you think this idea is

    Thank You
    06-26-13 02:20 AM
  2. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    While an interesting idea, I am responding to your comment about making the screen smaller. The bezels do not make the screen smaller on the PB, instead they make the device larger. The screen size is the same same regardless of the thickness that RIM chose for the bezels.
    06-26-13 06:48 AM

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