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    Sorry this is the only place I can vent my frustration, because my boss started following me on twitter. I am developing an app for the delivery drivers and back in July we had a big meeting to decide which handhelds to go with. I got them to agree that BlackBerry 10 was the one to go with, and in the proceeding month they keep coming to me about rumors that they heard, I got them to calm down (happened about 7 or 8 times). As of today that said we are going with android, so the last 4 months was a wast of time (for work it was, but personally I got to learn Cascades which helps for my own development). Now I need to learn Android. The reason they decided that is not because of rumors it is that the manufacture of the portable printers we have, do not have plans at this time to my an SDK for BlackBerry 10, I had told them before that I could make it work (they were fine months ago when I told them I could). I don't know what stick is shoved up their ### today.

    I had actually emailed Alec, and I was going to see if RIM could some how convince the manufacture to make the SDK for BlackBerry 10, because we were going to be buying 30 devices to start as a pilot program in Canada then expand it to the states after. with the potential of a few hundred, and then I was going to develop other app so that we could replace all the computer they have and just connect a keyboard / mouse and a monitor to the device. The company only need access to the information, nothing is really processor intensive. Basically all their work is done in excel, word and SQL.

    Sorry for the venting
    11-15-12 02:45 PM
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    What it sounds like is that management was really leery of BB10, and decided to go with Android as soon as they had a good excuse to dump BB10.

    I don't quite get what you mean about an SDK for the printer. Do you mean a driver? And has anyone looked at the possibility of adapting the Android driver to BB10? This all sounds kind of odd...
    11-15-12 02:51 PM
  3. big bb's Avatar
    Yes the SDK is basically a driver. I was going to create my own driver for it.

    They all like BlackBerry 10, they have all played with my Dev Alpha. They were thinking that the devices weren't going to be out till the end of march, and that it would take to long to get the devices to print.

    I did not care which ones they went with, I just thought that BlackBerry 10 was better suited for what they wanted, because they want more control over the devices. I just hate that I spent the last 4 month making an app that is garbage now, I could have spend that time making it in Android (since I haven't developed for Android before). I am also the only programmer that they have.
    11-15-12 03:04 PM
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    If you aren't afraid to punish yourself a bit, you could move to Marmalade. IwUI can probably do what you need.

    It will need to be rebuilt in the new marmalade for bb10 but will be iOS and Android compatible.

    As3 is an option, the language is eventually going to be ported to html5 anyway and used as an html5 ide language alternative.

    You could use html5 with jquery.js and go for all devices. You could mix with a url, php and mysql to database everything.

    Edit: but you will be entirely dependant on what the printer sdk supports


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    11-16-12 11:06 PM
  5. big bb's Avatar
    Thanks I will take a look at Marmalade, I was thinking it was only used for game development.
    11-19-12 08:44 AM
  6. KermEd's Avatar
    It is... And its painful in its current state.

    But if you look at IwUI Widgit sample the UI can be easy to use. But IwNUI is the right way to go. Basically marmalades uglier version of cascades.

    HTML5 is "more" portable but less structured IMO.

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    11-20-12 09:53 PM
  7. big bb's Avatar
    I don't think my employer wants to spend that much on Marmalade, because I am only making one app for them, and it will only be used for about 3 month out of the year by their delivery drivers.
    11-22-12 11:25 AM
  8. KermEd's Avatar
    Html5 is the best portable option in that case and just readjust it for the different platforms.

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    11-27-12 01:35 PM
  9. big bb's Avatar
    My employer does not need it on multiple platforms, because the delivery drivers will only be using the devices that the company provides
    11-27-12 01:51 PM

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