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    I'm trying to make a simple game only with motion gestures with marmalade c++. I would like to disable single touch events and enable only motion events.
    The point of the game is to drag images over the surface around some barriers, but if single touch is enabled then the images jump to the spot where I touch the screen. I would like to make the images to move only on motion events.
    Is it even posible?

    Sorry for my bad english....

    My code for touch detection is

    void HandleSingleTouchButtonCB(s3ePointerEvent* event)
    CTouch* touch = g_Input.getTouch(0);
    touch->active = event->m_Pressed != 0;
    touch->x = event->m_x;
    touch->y = event->m_y;
    // HandleSingleTouchMotionCB - The system will call this callback when the user moves their finger on the screen
    void HandleSingleTouchMotionCB(s3ePointerMotionEvent* event)
    CTouch* touch = g_Input.getTouch(0);
    touch->x = event->m_x;
    touch->y = event->m_y;
    12-25-12 03:53 PM
  2. jeroen_13's Avatar
    Please ask a moderator to move your topic to the 'BB10 Development' subforum, or re-post your topic there. BB10 devs will help you out further.
    12-26-12 05:10 PM

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