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    So it looks like I won't be getting a Verizon phone after all.

    I opened an App world account back in January and shortly after that I sent them my personal information along with my app on the same email(mistake #1)

    Since then, I never received any account info. On April 12, I sent Developer Relations an email about my App World status and how I won't be getting a red LE device, but an off the shelf Verizon device from another email from developer relations. In a return email several days later, she explains that they will only ship them out mid April. I'm fine with that, but I haven't received any info on my account. I assumed everything was fine. (mistake #2)

    A little over a month, I sent another email about the status of my app and I received an email that the program was over and the phones were already shipped! I was speechless. With several emails back and forth, she tells me that all I have to do is re-send my personal info again and resubmit the same app since it was on file that I filed for a new account and filled the developer trade in form all within the time frame. It took me several days to get it all corrected with blackberry as it took me a while to understand the proper procedures of opening an account, then sending the personal info, then waiting for account approval,and then submitting a new app then waiting for app approval.

    So I finally send her another email and now she says it's too late to get a device. And she wants proof of the original email I sent to blackberry with my personal info. This is after she says all I have to do is do the approval procedures over. I searched and I simply didn't save any emails passed the April time frame. Not even the original emails from Blackberry asking for personal info in January.

    I have run out of options here. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do? The app I have sent is on version 1.3. The original is 1.0 back in January. I continued to work on it all this time. Maybe that was a mistake as well.
    06-26-13 08:05 AM
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    My apologies. I believe I put this in the wrong section.
    06-26-13 08:15 AM
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    Moved to Developer's Lounge
    06-26-13 08:27 AM
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    Please do not double post
    06-26-13 09:13 AM

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