1. hendra_theng's Avatar
    can i activating camera in JDE?
    im really want to build a artificial intelligence project that can take a picture from camera and recognize object
    09-02-08 05:47 AM
  2. BBA's Avatar
    Download the latest 4.6 JDE from blackberry.com and look at the "camerademo"-sample. it is explained there.
    09-03-08 04:11 AM
  3. hendra_theng's Avatar
    where i can get JDE 4.6 ?
    in blackberry's website, there is no JDE 4.6
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    09-03-08 05:11 AM
  4. BBA's Avatar
    just google it, you will definitely find it.
    09-03-08 05:17 AM
  5. sweetsweet24's Avatar
    I want to apply the camera demo program from version 4.6 JDE in Blackberry 8800 series. now I cannot buy 8800 so I want to ask can i use camera demo program in that series.

    Please answer for me , thanks you every one
    09-14-08 08:09 AM
  6. sunnan's Avatar
    no... you cant implement camera app in 8800..
    09-23-08 08:37 AM
  7. hendra_theng's Avatar
    is it possible if i taking picture from camera blackberry curve 8320
    and then in my application,I load that picture?

    do you all have a code that can load that picture?
    please reply ASAP, I am really thank you.
    I am very need it
    10-05-08 12:02 AM