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    Hello all!!!

    I'm in a slight predicament here.. I am developing an app that I want to use specifically for OS7 and below. It contains an image feed API along with some javascript code ( the typical HTML 5 setup) using BBUI.js and jQuery code.

    Is it possible to use the latest WebWorks SDK (v2.x and above) to package this app for OS 7 & below??? Or if not directly, is there a work around to my problem??

    ANY info and ideas would be sooooo appreciated!
    Sweating blood here!! (Help pls!)
    08-19-14 12:55 AM
  2. slapthatfrog's Avatar
    PS: The app runs perfectly (fast) on a website, but if I use PhoneGap 2.9 (which is the last version that supports OS 7 and below) to package it and install it on my OS7 device.. It runs so slow and sometimes crashes, the " background busy clock icon" takes forever for the app to respond.. In this case I haven't used BBUI.js..

    Any help or suggestions please!?!

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    08-19-14 01:04 AM
  3. RedxD's Avatar
    That's not possible and I've heard that BBOS's Webworks sucks, how does the app behave on BBOS's browser?

    Posted via my Limited Edition Z10.
    08-24-14 08:23 AM

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