1. meetkoby's Avatar
    Please iAm confused, iWant to build a mobile social network for blackberry but iDont know where to start from. Either the app 1st or the site. iWas told to start from a server backend but iDont understand how to do that. Pls Help me some one
    10-29-12 12:58 PM
  2. carullo's Avatar
    10-29-12 01:25 PM
  3. big bb's Avatar
    The best place to start first is the server.

    what programming experience do you have?
    10-29-12 01:28 PM
  4. AVPTI's Avatar
    Is this Apple's new subliminal ad campaign? iWant, iAm, iDont...c'mon man
    carullo and kbz1960 like this.
    10-29-12 01:40 PM
  5. meetkoby's Avatar
    I know basic blackberry java programming. Would that help?
    10-30-12 03:23 AM
  6. Xopher's Avatar
    I know basic blackberry java programming. Would that help?
    Only if you are developing something for BB5/6/7. If you want to develop for BB10, Java won't be much help at all.
    10-30-12 10:06 PM
  7. KermEd's Avatar
    Get started over here for the PlayBook side:


    For the server side, look at HTML and PHP to start. With existing coding knowledge, bulild what you need as you need it. So storyboard, featurelist, pb gui, web html, and php pages as needed.

    10-31-12 01:19 AM
  8. Rick1313's Avatar
    Well if you are into a mobile social network app for blackberry then I say do something that involves pictures. You see instagram and the rest made it big like that... Do something thats only for the BlackBerry platform... Trust me if it makes big people would die for an iphone and android app!!
    11-07-12 07:44 AM

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