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    If you enjoy programming, graphics, journaling software or logic, I thought the blackberry webkit browser would be a nice environment to model an interface.

    Ajax, Web Workers, and Mesage Channel API's happen to work for javascript and HTML opened in the local file system. This means no web server to get arraybuffers or blobs from files right beside your entry point.

    Another bonus is savingsrtings of javascript prefixed with 'javascript:' into the browsers bookmarks, which will execute on return with call pointed at the windows scope.

    This leaves a lot of possibilities for someone handy with ES5 javascript standards.
    I personally like the look and feel of a shell interface, so these are some links to getting one on your device right away. Unless you'd like to program your own.

    # Busybox JSLinux

    # jQuery Terminal version 0.10.11 - localStorage Demo

    # Shellinabox VT100

    # Google Drive Console Emulator
    - sign in to your google account
    - enable access from the heroku application to your cloud drive.

    The links below are to a GitHub organization I'm using for archiving some of the software and a shared folder from my Box drive which contains code relevant to the JS runtime in the stock browser.

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    Just try use Web notepad for it. For eg. anotepad.com.
    09-15-18 08:08 AM
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    Github Repositories.

    Box Drive BB10 cache.

    AWS CDN for caching assets in your browser. If you know what it is you can use it. I'll have the index page with links to what is there ( software libraries, binaries, demo data ) soon.

    Debugger : Just a note, the initiator of any Network request gets bound to eruda if you make them, and then traces with its stack information.
    Anyways its a great debugger for mobile. However it is a bit bulky so rendering trying to inspect circular structures will slow it down. Underscores algorithm for values is a safer way to __proto__ as ES5 doesnt have a 'for of'

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