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    Dear Blackberry As a blackberry 10 user I can identify what's missing on the Ios some of them are really basic needs but necessary. I'll only make mention of what's missing this does include upcoming features from 10.2 ! They are merely suggestions for future improvements.
    I'll be highlighting on some of the missing features transition from BB7 to BB10
    - remove ping restriction
    -ability to copy Status
    - ability to broadcast message and select all contacts
    - ability to copy my own BlackBerry pin and keep it as a contact -"I usually keep my personal notes there.
    BlackBerry Hub :
    Ability to select all notifications and delete them instead of having to select them one by one and then deleting them.
    BBM: ability to send multiple attachments.
    Email :
    Ability to select all emails within inbox for deletions instead of selecting each and every one separately.
    -ability to download multiple attachments at once.

    Text message :

    -Ability to send or broadcast multiple messages to multiple contacts.
    - adding a subject bar\box on top of the text message box .
    -ability to delete multiple text by having an option of selecting all text instead of selecting each one which can be tedious by the way!

    Additional tweaks and Features :

    Improve viewing images by adding dates-theyre available but it be improved and enhanced improving viewing or locating images suggestions checkout The skype app try changing your profile picture and click on gallery then select gallery on the bottom as you'll have two options to choose from.

    - ability to delete duplicate contacts
    -ability to customise a different screen saver from the background.
    Displaying the number of contacts availavle in the phone book\contacts application.

    - while highlighting text ability to search or define a word including synonyms - a dictionary \thesaurus should be integrated with BB10 my suggestions dictionary. Com including all there useful apps .
    Improving camera with low light sensitivity "if ultimately Instagram is ported.

    In addition apps that are relevant and popular :

    -Amazon, shazam , dictionary. Com-including all there useful apps there are subcategorical dictionaries that are scientific based or business related etc. Wikipedia-"intigrating it with search feature if your offline , paypal.

    A" cloud based OS" is needed although not everyone uses it but is needed and is reassuring that it's there which is useful for backing up your information and content.

    Lock features :

    -Ability to view a teaser of your calendar and weather on lockscreen mode.

    - integrating a flashlight within the control centre.

    BlackBerry has to focus on being more convenient or"convenient oriented" by adding certain features this includes sending multiple messages to social media which is a feature in the new BlackBerry 9720 and popular apps such as polar bear does offer this feature inaddition customising the notifications with different LED colours which is also an available feature available in the BlackBerry app store!
    In addition features like deleting duplicate contacts or backing up my contacts in addition making some restriction to access certain files again an app is available in the BlackBerry app store with this specific feature what I'm trying to say BlackBerry 10 should focus these void by making these features part of the BlackBerry 10 OS instead of relying on third party apps thereby focusing on the prominent and demanding apps that are currently missing.
    In addition the the blackberry calculator app is probably the best calculator out there since from my knowledge it's the only calculator that features a section to calculate tips although one tiny feature is missing from the calculator app is a comma as you increase the number notation.

    Active frame is not restricted to 8 apps instead should flow or cascade seamlessly based on the users utility the I'm not sure what processor is required !

    Image \gallery app
    Improve the images apps as it can be frustrating locating a picture moving from the Sd card to the phone memory or for instance the moment when capturing an image using the volume button you it should be arranged on top as it's more convenient.

    Difference Multi tasking V. BlackBerry :
    What I've realised apple multi-tasking has no limits to the amount of apps opened but they seem static incomparisan with blackberry let me further clarify when you leave an app eg. Youtube it's still works in the blackberry 10 unlike the iphone .

    I would like to comment on one final feature since BlackBerry 10 is all about mobile computing which from my understanding is your mobile functions as a computer and beyond! Such features should exist opening more than one media and all are functional as if your opening several videos in Youtube and listening to them at once regardless of if your playing your media from one source or another they should all work unisonally .

    BlackBerry needs to introduce the next big thing I'm not saying copying apple but let's look at what apple introduced in the past from its first model
    till today the first iphone featured 3 major components the best browser experience, Music, and a phone featuring games and all sorts of utilities some of them useful a lot of them a waste of time and further more the iphone 5s featured the fingerprint scanner which is the first of its kind and first to be introduced by apple which I'm sure others will follow and will become the norm standard of phones .
    I'm very sure blackberry has means and resources of introducing the next big thing but it is yet to be unvield I say unleash it !

    Just to remind you guys why I love blackberry " a fan made video the marketing team in Blackberry should have hired this guy .
    "BlackBerry then, there, now "


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    @crackberrykevin @crackberryAdam @crackberrysimon

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    I might have missed a few points and suggestions everyone get in a long with your points suggestions and concerns on what to improve on the BB10 OS if anyone knows how to forward this to blackberry please do!

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    Attachment view in hub is brilliant.

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