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    EDITFIXED) Let me save your time by saying this issue has been resolved. Downloading the latest version of BB link fixed all my problems.

    Let me start by saying that i did search the forums and the web for this problem and did not find any solution that worked.

    I have been able to use remote access to computer for a day or two in a row at max, and after that it always stopped working.
    Like it did again today. After several blackberry link re installs, uninstalling the blackberry in device manager, rebooting device, powering wifi on and off, same with bb link, nothing changes. And now even when i plug the z10 into the computer with usb, it will not show up in file manager, it used to do so previous times. It does show up in blackberry link on my computer, but not with wifi even though i am in the same network(this also used to work sometimes).

    I think it might have something to do with not having a static ip adress and not working after it has changed. But that does not explain why i can't get it to work now after all that.

    EDIT: also in my network tab, the usb ipv4 connection does not seem to be in my network. I have 192.168 ..... and it says 169.254.., the ipv4 adress in wifi is in range. Could be irrelevant

    EDIT: without changing anything, my computer now shows up in my blackberry file manager, But the folders are not there, just white space. And on the computer blackberry link is giving me this error: " Unable to set up a wireless connection between this device and blackberry Link".

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, because when it works, it's such an amazing feature.
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    Is it possible that the Re-installation of Link disabled your configuration where you selected which folders to share with your phone?
    Is your BBID the same on both your Phone and Link?
    Is your computer ON ( not in sleep / hibernate/ locked) ?
    When you say it doesnt recognize in file manager when plugged in via usb Which of the following do you mean?
    1. file manager on your device does not show your home computer. ( This is because a wired connection has no effect )
    2. Link does not access your device's file system
    3. Windows Explorer ( or mac equivalent) doesn't mount device volumes.
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    Computer is on. Bbid is the same. Normally in file manager on the z10 there should be a tab with your computers name. That isn't even there. In settings under blackberry link my computer is listed under paired computers, but when I press and hold it, and click view files, it says cannot view files on computer.

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    06-03-13 04:16 PM
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    Have you enabled the files to be shared there's an option once you pair them to choose which folders are shared

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    06-04-13 07:57 PM
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    Yes, of course.

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    06-06-13 05:50 PM
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    OS Version?

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    06-06-13 05:56 PM
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    06-07-13 05:38 AM

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