1. hyjinx#CB's Avatar
    I just started using DM 4.3 and I'm so glad there is now support to sync directly with yahoo because before I had to sync to outlook then sync outlook with yahoo autosync. Now all I have to do is plug in my phone and yahoo and my pearl are synced.

    Here's the catch...there's always a catch. After my first sync I noticed that any appointments for my Yahoo Calendar that were set to All Day Event were not set to All Day Event when transferred to my BB. Additionally, the sync also removed the All Day Event tag from my Yahoo Calendar appointments. I took a look at the Map Fields option in DM and there is no All Day Event field on either the BB or Yahoo side of the map.

    Does anybody know a way to make this work or will I have to trade convenience for slightly less control???

    06-10-08 11:15 PM