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    I have a few questions for some experienced Link/Z10 owners/users.

    I seem to be having some issues with a couple of Link features, Wi-Fi sync and remote file access.

    I have link installed and running ok, but it does not seem to be syncing via Wi-Fi as it should. I have been doing some testing this morning and added some picture files to the phone to see if they would sync to the PC but so far they haven't. At some point it has synced as there are some picture files in the folder on the PC but I can't say if that happened via USB or Wi-Fi. How often does the Z10 perform a Wi-Fi sync when on the same network? Is there a way for FORCE a Wi-Fi sync procedure from the phone?

    The other issue I am having is with the Remote PC File Access function. I have it enabled, Link is running on the PC, signed into Blackberry ID and appropriate folders are selected for remote access. When I fun the file File Manager on the Z10 and select my desktop I just get a blue spinning circle on the phone for a while and then nothing. it shows no files? Does anybody have any ideas what might be the issue? I have never been presented with any erros from either BB Link or the Z10

    I am able to see the Z10 on my network, I can ping it from my PC and I can gain file access to it by using windows explorer and pointing it to the IP address of the phone.

    Also curious what is the most current version of Link. I saw some posts on the Blackberry Support site that said some people were installing version; I am running and have done the check for updates function and it says its current? Am I missing a current version somewhere?

    Would appreciate any feedback or ideas you might have.



    Any ideas
    06-26-13 11:36 AM
  2. anon(5624621)'s Avatar
    Personally, I've found wifi connection with Link to be hit or miss, but I am running an old version of Link right now (driver issues). The device has to be connected to a power source and Link has to be open for wifi sync to kick in.

    As for Remote Access, are your folders set to 'shared' on your PC? Apparently at least one "subfolder" should be selected (i.e., not just "My Documents"). If you haven't already, you can try rebooting both the PC and device. Link doesn't need to be actively running for this to work.

    Finally, I think the update to .33 can be downloaded from the BB website, but it's not being pushed out directly yet (AFAIK).
    06-26-13 12:32 PM

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