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    I'm new to Blackberry as of yesterday and have had a few problems which I'm hoping will be sorted out by an OS upgrade.

    I've had a very unreliable Wi-Fi connection (despite being next door to router, it is continuously dropping out and swapping to mobile network coverage) and some worrying stalling upon reboot since the moment I put in the battery. I've been on crackberry.com for a large part of the last 36 hours finding answers to the above issues and the Wi-Fi is marginally better (at least, it spends a little longer trying to load pages before greying out or quitting altogether). I've selected Wi-Fi preferred etc, done battery pulls I'm now trying to find out how to upgrade to 5.0 (or at least in the hope this will sort it out properly...if not I'm going to ask for a replacement as I'm pretty sure that behaviour isn't normal!!

    I use a mac, and have BB desktop manager for mac installed, but it is telling me there is NO upgrade available for my 8900 Curve.
    Out of the box, my phone is running
    My carrier is O2 (UK) and through RIM the available upgrade for O2 is (although its .exe and obv doesn't run on mac)
    So I think desktop manager is telling me lies.
    Running Wireless Update on phone also comes back with 'no update available'
    Apploader not option - maybe PocketMac??

    Obviously it would be ideal to upgrade to, but hearing people are having more Wi-Fi issues is putting me off for now, that's if I even manage to upgrade to

    Please please excuse me if I'm missing something obvious or duplicating - any help would be greatly appreciated - I've found crackberry really helpful but am totally stuck now!! Crackberry insomnia not helping...

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    Try these.

    How to get DM to Recognize the OS


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    02-20-10 01:52 PM
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    Thanks very much for the suggestions

    I've had a read through but neither is really applicable - my DM is recognising my bb, but its not finding any updates. I've tried a reinstall of the DM for Mac as well, to see if it was a mac issue to no avail.

    And my 8900 itself is not finding the update through wireless update either.

    I know the simplest solution would be to update through a PC, but this isn't ideal for me and I would rather be able to do it through my mac.

    In addition, my wi-fi issues began again today and I am hoping the OS update will sort this out. I also downloaded a few apps earlier and my bb stalled again on restart - and restart then took about 20 mins.

    Is this normal? Will the OS update solve the problem (if I ever get it to work)? Or is this stall issue a sign of a bigger problem and I should ask O2 for a replacement??

    Thanks again for the help, my frustration is mounting and crackberry is my only solace at the moment!!
    02-20-10 04:29 PM
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    I have a Mac as well and you will never successfully install from OSX. Tried and failed numerous times. You're only option is boot the Mac as a windows machine, even emulators like vmware won't work. Blame whichever company you want, but as a mac user we are hosed.

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    i was told by someone who may have been mistaken, that there are ways to upgrade OS through a mac. If so i would love to know how. Thoughts?
    02-26-10 07:12 PM