1. allyn274's Avatar
    I am syncing my BlackBerry using the desktop manager and my iCal data because I want to get more than just the 4 weeks back, 24 weeks ahead that you get using Google Sync. The only problem is that the BlackBerry desktop manager has a message in it that says: "One or more of the selected calendars are read-only and can only be synchronized from your computer to your device." The calendar it's referring to is the Google Calendar. The result is also that any event created on my BB goes to my iCal, but not to the Google Calendar - even though those are connected.

    Is there a way to give myself permission to my OWN calendar? Why is it showing as "read only"? ANY help? I keep reading and searching, but I just can't figure this one out.

    12-06-09 10:25 PM