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    After a factory wipe of my phone to help resolve another issue, and a restore of a backup I had made earlier that day, my Android apps no longer seem to be able to load. The blue bar gets about 60% of the way across and then crashes and closes. On further research people seem to agree that not restoring Blackberry Runtime seems to be the best answer, but my Blackberry Link doesn't seem to give me the option. I made sure I have the latest version of the software. Is there something I'm doing wrong? No matter how many times I wipe and restore with varying options available (just App Data, Media and Device Settings) I seem to get the same results. Is this something I could only have opted out of in the back up process?
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    01-20-15 05:05 AM
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    It's most likely updating your software to a newer version and your android apps were running on an older android version which won't convert over. The only way to know is to find out what version of android runtime you were using and use sachesi to load that one with the OS and then restore if you are so inclined.
    01-20-15 07:56 AM

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