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    Hi guys,

    I backed up my old curve 8330 on my MacBook (the keyboard was completely unresponsive). I then purchased a new bold 9650. I connected the bold using the blackberry desktop manager and recovered everything from my curve. I thought this was fantastic since I've never had a phone "die" and been able to save all my precious information. However, I discovered a few hours later that my emails, all the emails I'd been receiving and storing on my blackberry, somehow did not get transferred to my bold.

    I desperately need to have my emails on my blackberry for easy access, reference, searchability etc. Since moving into my bold, I have received tons of email on it. So, if the problem was with the back-up and I repeat that process singling out only email, when I restore my bold from my curve's back-up, will I lose all the email I've received since activating my bold? Is there any way to sync my gmail account with my blackberry bold? Can I somehow "download" my gmail account onto my blackberry? I can forward emails from my gmail to myself and they will come through on my blackberry, but that doesn't help reflect the sender or the date and time stamp accurately and forwarding thousands of emails is a ridiculous task. Is it possible to back up the emails from my curve, back up the emails from my bold and somehow "merge" them on my bold?

    What went wrong that my emails did not back up and recover? And, what can I do to fix it?!?

    Please help!

    08-22-10 01:04 PM