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    Just a few weeks ago, when I installed Link & Blend on my old PC, I was told there is a SW bundle for download, and that this contains the right drivers and latest versions etc. Now I can no longer find this bundle, only Link & Blend separated. Does anyone know if there is still a bundle somewhere, and if not, in which order to install Link & BLend, or does it not matter?

    Edit: it just turned out that the download for Blend actually was a 'BB Desktop SW' bundle, containing Blend, Link and drivers. So no answers needed, thanks.

    Quite misleading by BB, the entire site only mentioned Link or Blend for the download, only if you download Blend, you will find that it is actually both. Would be nice if they mentioned it on their sites, would save lots of time and uncertainity.
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    Look for blackberry blend. It's all included.

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