1. Jaji_vzw8330's Avatar
    Hey everyone! I recently downloaded TetherBerry and it prompted me to upgrade my desktop manager from 4.5 to 4.7. I of course clicked ok but all it did was delete 4.5 and the desktop icon. I can't find 4.7 anywhere on my PC. I also can't find a good link to download 4.7. I went to blackberry.com but can't seem to download it from their site with my phone. My default browser says it's too large. Opera Mini says error fetching file.

    Is there anyway to download desktop manager 4.7 from my phone??? Thanks in advance for any help.
    08-09-09 09:29 AM
  2. Jaji_vzw8330's Avatar
    Never mind. I got it. Just kept hitting save until it went through!

    08-09-09 11:21 AM