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    Although I specify one special destination folder to backup my device, I keep finding RIM, Blackberry, MediaSync, and seemingly related BB files and "stuff" all over my otherwise meticulously organized Windows 7 C: drive. And I don't even sync up my calendar or contacts with anything -- I like my Thunderbird contacts in their own separate world, and I just don't use another calendar.

    I do regular "backups" at least every day and I find those backups by name in the folder I specify. I also follow the instructions from this wonderful site to backup my third party apps every week or so and know where to find that folder and I copy it to the same folder I keep my "regular" backups.

    But I'm confused about, well, most everything else. I want to have everything that might someday be needed in that one folder (it's just the kind of girl I am.) (and heck, it just makes sense, no? especially when I want to make a backup of my most important PC files?) But the desktop folder keeps hiding things elsewhere. Might I need that stuff someday or should I just ignore it?

    If this makes sense to anyone (bless you!) could you please tell me, if you're using Desktop Software 6.0 Bundle 2342 or similar, and Windows 7 if that is relevant, what specifications should theoretically be meaningful to make the simplest backups of your stuff, so that it is not in various hiding places all over your PC? Or if things unavoidably go elsewhere, might I need them?

    Or in simple terms, how do you manage your backups? (without concern for synching calendars and contacts.)

    I apologize if this is too vague or too complicated. I hope I'm not the only one who has come across seemingly related BB files on their PC and wondered how to manage them too. Thank you so much.
    05-07-11 04:17 PM
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    I don't think I asked my question well. I'm going to try again more clearly. And, I'll be really happy to read something about this already written -- I just can't find anything.

    I am using Windows 7 and Desktop Software 6.0 Bundle 2342.

    I make daily backups the regular easy way (9700, 9700-1, etc.) into a destination folder I created. I also back up my third party apps using the instructions on this wonderful site, and I copy the resulting folder named after my PIN into that same folder. I don't synch to anything.

    I want to know if this destination folder contains all the backup information I can get.

    I ask because I poke around and see other folders and files on my C drive and I just want to know if they are part of the Desktop software or if they are backup information from my 9700 that I may want someday for a more complete restore. Because if they are the latter, I want to back them up from time to time, as my C drive is not invulnerable or permanent.

    They reside in my user folder/AppData/Roaming. The folders that I've found are called BlackBerry, BlackBerry Desktop, Blackberry Media Sync, Intellisync, and Research in Motion. There is also a Rim.Desktop.Exception.log and I don't know what else might be related.

    Also, is there anything anywhere else that may contain info from my 9700?

    I really hope this makes sense, and I'm very sorry to be a bother. Thank you.

    05-09-11 12:29 PM