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    Hey guys,

    I'm going to rollout the latest BlackBerry Link Software, which is now called BlackBerry Desktop Software. After downloading the .exe file and ran the regular setup, it contains several components like Link, Blend and the device drivers.
    I'm talking about the software for a e.g. Z10, Q10, Leap etc. (BB10 OS devices)

    Because we don't use and want to use Blend, I want to extract this component and only rollout the others.

    Now I'm faced with different .msi files and I'm trying to figgure out which of them are really needed.
    There are:
    - BlackBerryDeviceManager.msi
    - BlackBerryCommunicationManager.msi

    Of course I could install Link, connect a BlackBerry and see, what happens (with one of these aforementioned probably nothing)
    Then install the device manager and check again aso... until it works

    BUT I want to know which of the aforementioned components is need for which service.

    So anyone out there who knows that? Smiley Happy

    Thanks in advance!
    07-31-15 04:16 AM
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    Link is the Backup/restore/OS update/PIM and media sync software.
    The drivers are the thingies that you mandatorily need to install, else the device and computer won't see each other.
    Blend is the productivity tool that allows you to access data from the device on the computer in a secure manner.

    Mandatory install? Drivers.
    Optional for ALL DEVICES? Link and Blend.

    Yes. Link is optional. I don't have Link installed. Haven't used it in months.
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    08-01-15 12:07 PM
  3. aaron1337's Avatar
    Oops didn't see, that someone replyed :P

    Well, meanwhile I figgured out, that both mentioned components are needed and one more:

    As a conclusion, if you want to have a fully working BlackBerry Link you need the following components:
    - BlackBerryLink.msi
    - BlackBerryDeviceManager.msi
    - BlackBerryCommunicationManager.msi

    Otherwise Link is crashing or the BlackBerry isn't identified ;-)

    All of them can be found during the regular installation in the following directory:
    - C:\ProgramData\Package Cache

    Hope that helps anyone ;-)
    08-03-15 09:56 AM

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