1. Q10Bold's Avatar
    Got something weird going on with my Q10 and BB Link.

    After a WIPE couple of days ago I was going to pair my PC with my Q10- and there was already one PC paird to my Q10 under a different name - Desktop-339C ! o_0
    When I'm deleting this weird PC from my Q10 its coming back after 5 min.
    I dont know how?!
    What should I do??
    Another wipe?
    After I add my PC Ive got now 2 coupled PCs. One is mine and the other one...??!!

    A screenshot:
    Weird PC connection with my Q10-img_20140506_144310.png

    another screenshot
    with 2 PC
    Weird PC connection with my Q10-img_20140506_150543.png
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    05-06-14 07:55 AM
  2. ronfc's Avatar
    Have you paired your device on a BlackBerry Link installed on other PC aside from yours? That could be it. This also happened to me on my Z10. The 'other' PC is still there and as of now, I still cannot find a solution to delete it. I'm guessing that this is connected to our BBID.
    05-07-14 08:06 AM
  3. Anthony Palacios1's Avatar
    How do I connect my back berry curve to my btab3

    Posted via CrackBerry App
    05-16-14 01:17 AM
  4. rai187's Avatar
    This same thing is going on with my z10!! The exact same thing names are desktop with some numbers and there is two of them. If I delete they come back, can't view files etc.

    Posted via CB10 on the Z10.
    05-16-14 01:31 AM
  5. Q10Bold's Avatar
    I've upgraded my OS to the latest 10.2.1 leak and the 2nd PC is still there...
    Can't remove it :/

    Posted via CB10
    05-16-14 03:13 AM

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