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    Last time I performed a successful sync was before I went out of town 2 Fridays ago (the 5th). Back in the office today fired up Desktop Manager and for some strange reason it would start to look like it would sync, state Action Engine doing something then stop like it was already synced up and no changes were needed. The log still showed 3/5, which lead me to believe it wasn't syncing. OS, Desktop Manager 5.0.1

    Opened a ticket with VZW, tried uninstalling / reinstalling BDM, tried on another laptop syncing to that calendar still no dice.

    Default services uses my desktop redirected email address for both mail / calendar. Also I do not have facebook calendar enabled, I checked under the services for this, only saw CICAL for the email.

    VZW is supposed to get back with me in 2-4 days which doesn't help when I'm on the go and such. Any other suggestions (contemplating going to OS 5.0.548).
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    Have you checked your sync settings to make sure they are still at your settings?

    Also, this may not help in the slightest, but it's worth a try...

    Do a maintenance cleanup of your Tour, then try again to sync. It seems that sometimes misc accumulated stuff that's stored can get in the way or a sync or backup. The basic maintenance cleanup consists of:

    1 - Memory Cleaner: Options>Security Options>Memory Cleaning>Enabled>Menu>Clean Now

    2 - Cache cleanup: BB Browser>Menu>Cache Operations>Clear (each: content cache, pushed contest (unless you want to save that), & cookie cache)

    3 - Press/hold Alt and type lglg (goes to Event Log Information)>Menu>Clear Log
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    Can you schedule;as example the 3rd Wednesday or the 2nd and 4th Thursday of a month, or do you have to enter each date indivually?
    Vicious Vic
    03-20-10 04:18 PM