1. Florix's Avatar
    my BB 9900 was stolen, but I have luck and found an Backup File thats only a week old on my PC. That is in BBB File Format. I installed the Blackberry Backup Extracting Software from BlackBerry Backup Extractor for Windows and Mac - Open and Convert IPD and BBB backups Easily and I think thats my Solution. All other software solutions did not work. But my question is not about extracting a BBB File. But I uploaded the Backup software on virustotal.com and there are a few programs that scan the file as spyware. Hmm what do you think? Its the only software which is able to read my files without errors.
    09-13-13 05:05 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    Many virus scanners will give you false positives. I am not familiar with this software though. Have your searched on CB to see if anyone else has used this software before?
    09-13-13 10:21 AM

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