1. JoeD's Avatar
    I recently bought a Blackberry Curve 8300, and have downloaded Pocketmac to sync it up with the various Macs I use for business and pleasure. However I need to be able to open Microsoft Word documents, as I am sent them fairly regularly from work, and also Adobe Reader files. Any advice? Do I need to buy software? And also what about receiving JPEGs and other media files (MPEG's MP3's, MP4's etc)?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    10-23-07 03:45 PM
  2. onepoonis's Avatar
    You should be able to open Word and PDF files and view them. I know for Word files you can since I'm able to on my Curve. For Jpg and other media files, I also haven't had any problem receiving and using them on my curve. The only MP4 files you can't use is the protected ones like from iTunes.
    10-25-07 01:47 PM
  3. JoeD's Avatar
    Thats great news, cheers. Is there any software in particular that you recommend?
    10-25-07 07:44 PM
  4. onepoonis's Avatar
    To view .doc and .pdf files, I'm not using any software for them. They usually come as an attachments and I'm able to open them and view them by just opening the attachments. However, I can only view them and can not edit them. To edit .doc files, you'll need to get a 3rd party software. The one I've been reading about and seems that many are waiting for is the Documents ToGo. It's not released yet but it looks like you can edit .doc, .xls. and .ppt files on your BB. I'm not sure about creating or editing .pdf on BB. You can view them but the quality is not that good. Hope this helps.
    10-26-07 02:34 PM