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    I've been searching the internet for a couple of days now for some solution to use my Blackberry Bold9700 as a remote control for Mac OS X. The only way seems to pair your BB with a Playbook, or at least faking it does:
    I also do not have a Playbook, but I found a way around this:

    1. Using a program such as QuickLaunch, add an application entry and choose 'net_rim_bb_remote_control_app' as the program to launch.

    2. Turn on bluetooth and pair with the device you wish to remote control.

    3. Launch your new shortcut, you will receive the message stating that 'No paired blackberry playbook was found', you should see the bluetooth name of the remote device in the upper right-hand corner. Don't click OK, but press the escape / back button instead. You will receive a message asking if you wish to disconnect from whichever device, select 'cancel' and remote control should then work!

    I've tried this successfully with an Android 3.2 tablet and a Windows 7 PC, the Android tablet worked fine over and over again, however, I found the Windows 7 PC to be finicky. The key is to check the top right hand corner of the remote control display to see if the device is connected before continuing.

    I don't have the app Quicklaunch, and would be willing to buy it if I was sure it would work as described, but I heard other Mac OS X users saying it wouldn't do anything for them.

    In short: Is there a way to use my Blackberry as a remote for apps like Plex Media Manager, Keynote in Mac OS X? (and yes, I know there's a solution for iTunes which is called Tiggit Controller). TIA for your contribution, I think more people are interested in fixing this.
    12-06-12 06:38 PM

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