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    I use ACT! for my primary contact management system. I'm new to the 8900, having come from a regular cell phone and Windows Mobile PDA combination.

    I know that Companion Link allows for synching of my contact information with ACT!, but I'm wondering if I can essentially do the same thing through Blackberry Desktop Manager? I just imported all my contacts from my PDA, and they came in beautifully. Missing some of the spouse information from ACT!, but most of the time when I'm out of the office, I don't need that.

    My question is, if I keep my PDA updated, can I continue to update my BB through Desktop Manager? It's one more step, but it's also a program I don't have to purchase.

    I am going to download the trial of Companion Link to see if it brings in other info I'd like to have, but knowing if Desktop Manager will do a "good enough" job in keeping contacts and activities synched would be a huge help as I evaluate.
    05-19-09 01:01 PM