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    delete request 123
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    09-06-13 03:54 PM
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    By default, link is setup to automatically sync your pictures to your PC when you plug it in.. I suspect what's happening is when you connect it to your PC, it's syncing the files before you delete them off the device, and that's what you see in BBlink. If you don't want a copy of all pictures saved to your PC, you can disable this automatic sync setting in link. That way you can choose to no sync at all, or to manually click the sync button after you've deleted the photo's you wish to delete.

    In order to remove the thumbnails you still see from previous photo's you first need to find and delete those photo's from your computer. I suspect if you navigate to C:\Users\YOU\My Pictures\BLACKBERRY-XXXX (XXXX being the last 4 digits of your PIN) you will find all the offending photo's and if you delete them from there, the thumbnails will stop showing up in link.
    09-06-13 04:01 PM
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    I'm not able to replicate this problem. Hopefully someone else who's experienced it can comment.
    09-06-13 06:15 PM
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    Does that mean that you tried to replicate the problem but it went as expected with no phantom thumb left behind or that you were not able to because you don't have the same hardware or phone or something??
    It doesn't happen to me, there are no phantom images on my PC.. I've tried to delete pictures several different ways and all work correctly for me as far as I can see.

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    09-06-13 10:35 PM
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    I do not have sync enabled through link. I sync with box.net

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    09-07-13 09:40 AM
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    I haven't experienced this problem, on any BB10 OS version.
    BUT, just want to point something out. If you have BB Link (and therefore the BB drivers), you don't have to keep your device in USB mass storeage mode. Link establishes a kind of "mini VPN" and maps the dvice memory and mSD card as drives in Windows. (Can't speak to Mac.)
    The only occasions I have enabled mass storage is when I'm connecting to a PC where Link isn't installed and need to access files.
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    09-07-13 02:17 PM

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