1. rcarter56's Avatar
    yesterday, I downloaded the Blackberry desktop manager, upgrading to 4.7. Somehow, in the process of clearing and reloading information to my BB 8830, a thumb drive on a USB port got erased. Holy cow! I lost all the data on my memory stick! Not only that, but I cannot even access the memory stick anymore unless I connect my 8830 to another USB port. Anyway to get my data back? Anyway to get my memory stick working?

    04-23-09 08:44 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    I can't belive installing the BlackBerry software has caused the data to be deleted. It certainly did not mistake your thumb drive for a BlackBerry.

    You also note the USB port is not responding. Have you shut down and restarted the PC?

    Finally, if the thumb drive has been erased, you should be able to use an Erased File Recovery utility to recover them. Don't attempt to write anything to the thumb drive until you have recovered what you need.
    04-23-09 09:27 AM
  3. rcarter56's Avatar
    The problem occured yesterday afternoon at the office. Same problems this morning, so yes, I shut down and restarted the PC. So, that isn't it. Thanks for your suggestion to first recover the data. I found a good tool at datadoctor.org for usb pen drive recovery. I saved data to my c: drive.

    Any suggestions on how to get regular use of my thumb drive? The only time the drive appears in <my computer>, is when I attach my bb 8830 to the sync cable to another usb port.
    04-23-09 11:03 AM