1. aldoh's Avatar
    i have a bb gemini 8520 nuked, and im trying to get back on!!!!
    but when i am installing the softwaare on the desktop maneger 5.0 that comes with the cell, it advance up to the 3th of 5 steps, after it initialice the device comes another steps that says load sftware, but when it gets there it says, that a problem has occurred cause the device didnt do a multi task something and it cant end the process!!!!!
    and if i go to upload aplication on the rim file located in c file/porgrams files/common files/ rim / app load app/ it dont have any software to upload when it gets to the windows that its for the selection of the apps or softwares too upload

    reallly confuse,, any help!!!!!
    04-30-10 09:23 AM