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    and it seemed to work ok; but I've lost the MAP functionality. While I have no data plan, I was able to select maps...and it would load. Once in a while I would get a 'illegal access' message...but it still worked. One other thing; I also lot a theme...the beach one...it's gone.

    How can I go back to the previous version that worked?

    thank you...
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    05-17-10 01:32 AM
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    Hello again, listen, can anyone tell me what software version was out when I got my phone...the mfg date on the box says 201108 (which I guess means Nov 20 2008; I got the phone in April of 09.

    So if you can give me the version number I will reinstall the OS that worked before this update which is (Plat Ver /Appl Ver, not that I know which one is for what.

    I'd just like to get the MAP functionality back.

    Thank you.
    05-19-10 12:30 PM
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    Have you tried a different map app? Say bing maps or google maps? Also your gps might be turned off so I suggest looking around your options to see if you can find anything.

    Sorry I can't help with what os you were running but I don't think to manu os's have actually been released for your device so it shouldn't be to hard to find an older one.

    Try going to Smartphones, Cell Phones & Smart Phones at BlackBerry.com looking at device software and selecting your device and carrier. They will have any and all os's released by your carrier for your device. That should make it easier to track down what os you did have.

    Best of luck! Hope everything works out for you!

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    05-30-10 02:56 PM
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    To get the carrier's latest sanctioned OS back on your phone, load Desktop Manager 5.0.1 on your desktop PC, then link up your phone by USB and in DM click "Application Loader" and "Update Software" to "upgrade" your OS. It will list all the official OS versions for your carrier.
    05-31-10 11:48 AM