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    I have an old TiPowerBook and had not used it for a few months. When I booted up a week or so ago the time was off and battery completely drained. Recharged and reset time. Accessed internet and imported some pictures into iPhoto. Have been working so much iTunes has not been utilized in months. Today I thought to recharge my Shuffle and refresh it with new music from my library. I had only done this once or twice previously. Hit the refresh on screen button and did not even notice library did not show playlists and looked odd. All music on shuffle was removed and my library and lists are completely gone! I am not Mac savy and need help. Found a file on HD Music>iTunes>iTunes Music that lists probably all the artists I had.

    Is my library recoverable?

    If so will my Playlists be intact?

    If so how can this be done?
    12-05-11 03:33 PM