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    After the 2nd or 3rd sync, DM reported that it was about to delete several hundred Calendar entries from Outlook.

    I theorized that this was because I had chosen in my initial sync or export to the BB to increase the default sync date range to 1000 days (I wanted to preserve old calendar entries for historical reference) and unbeknownst to me, the handheld's default setting is to purge calendar entries after 30 or 60 days. So presumably a short time after the initial Outlook --> BB copy, the BB purged all those old records, then DM tried to sync that smaller set back to Outlook.

    So I tried to set a filter in the custom sync settings to only sync newer records - but that didn't help. So I keep denying the calendar sync portion of the sync process.

    Theoretically I could set a one-time sync to "desktop overwrites BB", but I've got new calendar entries on the BB now that I need to preserve as well.

    05-01-10 12:29 PM