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    BlackBerry Blend is unable to connect to, or communicate with the BlackBerry 10 smartphone when IPv6 traffic is being blocked.


    An item in the network environment such as a VPN connector, firewall, network adapter setting, or anti-virus software is blocking or preventing IPv6 traffic.

    Possible Resolution

    IPv6 is a requirement for BlackBerry Blend to connect and communicate with the BlackBerry Smartphone. In order to complete the connection, IPv6 traffic will need to be enabled or allowed in the network environment.
    How to configure IPv6 on Windows:

    Browse to http://windows.microsoft.com and search for "IPv6 frequently asked
    How to configure IPv6 on MAC:

    Browse to http://support.apple.com and search for "Configuring IPv6 in OS

    02-27-15 07:37 PM
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    First! Oh....wait....nevermind. Lol
    02-27-15 08:33 PM

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