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    Hello, I have searched the forums for this question and so far no luck - hope someone can help. I've spent hours the last couple days trying to solve, even talking to a friend who is an IT professional. I've included below the threads I have looked at already that I think helped me better come closer to the root problem, but not the solution. But I could be on wrong track entirely.

    I have a curve 8520. My trackpad is broken - do keep this in mind since I can navigate to many places with the keyboard alone, but not everywhere on bbery. Best Buy wants to send it out for repair but told me to go home and download blackberry desktop manager to back everything up. I have backed up emails, media, contacts etc with no problem. But the tasks option is greyed out. I am a very heavy user of the Tasks function and it would be a huge loss to lose it - I have years of notes in there.

    The option to select backing up tasks in the Organizer section of Blackberry Desktop Manager (DM) is greyed out. It says turn off wireless sync. However as others have noted in other threads, some of us with the Curve 8520 do *not* have this option.

    from other posts the problem seems to be that when I download BBerry Desktop Manager I need to switch from BES to BIS (just learned these terms yesterday) - I am a novice here.

    But when the DM download wizard is working, *I can't get this option*. It says one *should* be given the option to either select BES or BIS - see here: How do I install my BlackBerry Desktop Manager for the Internet Solution — GCI - Alaska's Internet

    i uninstalled and reinstalled the bberry desktop manager, and when I did the reinstall, it doesn't give me the step 9 that you see at: How do I install my BlackBerry Desktop Manager for the Internet Solution — GCI - Alaska's Internet

    it skips from step 6 to asking me if I'd like an shortcut and then to the installation window.

    I also looked at

    But hasn't helped.

    If am barking up the wrong tree entirely to turn off wireless sync by getting rid of the BES option let me know. my IT buddy suggested running down battery to point where the radio goes off, but even with radio off, the blackberry is asking me to turn of wireless sync.

    Other relevent facts - This is my personal blackberry, connected to gmail. But the data was transferred to it when I left my last job. The IT guys took the work blackberry that i was about to turn in, and transferred everything to this personal one. I have AT&T. I called them and they said issue was not something they had control over.

    Am really stuck since it would be great to send my blackberry in for repair so that I can back to 100% functionality. but really need to get my Tasks backed up before I do this. Also please keep in mind I can only use trackpad, which limits what i can access on the blackberry a bit.

    07-24-11 08:33 AM