1. Arelunde's Avatar
    I just loaded Outlook to my desktop and want to sync my BB calendar and contacts. Right now, I have the DM sync options set for one way - from BB to the desktop. However, it's a pain to enter all data to the BB when the desktop is more handy. But, I'm afraid to use a two-way sync in case I'll end up with double data or, worse, deleted (but important) data.

    Have searched the forums, but can't find a discussion of how sync works, particularly the two-way sync. Is there a resource I could check?

    12-20-09 07:01 PM
  2. Flightless_Bird's Avatar
    I use two way sync and don't have any problems. If you delete an item from either your BB or Outlook, sync will delete it in the other. Same when you add items. If there is a conflict, DM will ask you what you want to do.
    12-20-09 07:14 PM
  3. Arelunde's Avatar
    Thank you!
    12-20-09 08:04 PM