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    i just purchased a new blackberry pearl and am trying to figure out how to transfer music files. has anyone found out how to do this without buying a microsd card and buying the software to transfer? i want to be able to either bluetooth songs over or plug my phone into my computer and drag songs in. i talked to tech support and they don't know how to, but said people have figured out a way how. if anyone knows how to do this i would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
    07-03-07 12:55 PM
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    07-03-07 01:13 PM
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    I only way that I know how to do it is with the Missing Sync for mac. But you have to buy it. Otherwise, you gotta get the memory card.....which is lame..... I know. I had to do the same

    But apple pretty much decided to make no attempts at syncing these devices to their OS. Saved it all for the iphone. Makes sense, and its pretty much been their stance since their beginnings.

    07-03-07 06:54 PM
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    that just sucks. it's like we are being punished for having a mac and wanting this phone. i don't see a reason why we need to buy more stuff in order to make it work than a pc. i feel like the companies should provide that to us. but in the meantime... how much is the Missing Sync? and how much is it for the memory card? looks like i gotta invest in more than i planned...
    07-04-07 12:48 PM
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    Well, if you get the memory card, you won't need the missing sync. You could get by with pocketmac for free

    As for as it sucking, yes. Absolutely.

    But apple is very conservative with who it lets work on their platforms. This practice serves several purposes, including quality control, but mainly they want us to buy their products exclusively. Its also the main reason why apple and microsoft are so different today.

    Kinda like what sony did with the beta max in the 80's. They had the better format, but tried to force consumers to buy only their products......


    07-04-07 07:29 PM
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    So I have a pearl and got the 1gb memory card, but still can't figure out how to get my music and videos onto my phone. They are iTunes files so does that effect it? Is it possible to just get iTunes on the phone?
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    07-10-07 06:09 PM
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    Hmmm. I have a Curve and have had a Pearl....

    I plugged them both into my MAC. And then it appeared on my desktop. I drag and dropped and it worked flawlessly....

    Just have Mass Storage switched on first on your BB
    07-11-07 11:32 AM
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    ok so I only got some of my music onto my pearl, only a few songs that I didn't get on iTunes, and my podcasts got on but they had really low audio (even after turning it up on the phone) and no video... so how can I fix this?
    07-11-07 03:08 PM
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    Unfortunately I have to go to a windows box to do that. Sometimes I just remove the MicroSD card and use a card reader though.
    07-14-07 05:46 PM
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    um... what is a card reader?
    07-14-07 05:48 PM
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    um... what is a card reader?
    Something like this. SanDisk | Products | Accessories | ImageMate ® Readers It's only a pain because you have to remove the card.
    07-17-07 04:46 PM
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    Drag and drop seems to work for me.
    03-14-09 01:13 PM
  13. LoveThatGold's Avatar
    Using a card reader that is.
    03-14-09 01:14 PM