1. attila722's Avatar
    Hello. I currently have an 8800 and will be getting an iPhone soon (hence I have AT&T), and will need to transfer my address book to the new phone. I've looked for how to do this elsewhere, and I find directions for Desktop Manager. However, my miniusb charge/data plug on the 8800 snapped a while ago, so this is now impossible.

    Is there an option to send the entire address book, all at once, off my 8800 to a place where an iPhone can access it? (bluetooth direct to iPhone, email to iPhone address, via simcard, microSD to PC to iPhone via cable, etc, but NOT desktop manager since my plug is broken).

    If the whole book at once can't be done and sending one-by-one is my only option, what would probably be the fastest way to do it?

    Thank you much.
    04-27-10 10:46 AM
  2. NetworkGuy's Avatar
    Look into Google Sync. You can upload your address book and your calendar IIRC to your google email account and then when you get your iPhone, bring your contacts back.

    Using DM is not an option at all since you won't be able to upload the contacts from DM to an iPhone.
    04-27-10 12:08 PM
  3. jeffh's Avatar
    Bluetooth may also be an option, especially if you only have a small number of contacts and don't want to use Google.
    04-27-10 12:26 PM